Hawaii business for sale

Hawaii Vacation Rental Business for Sale

Hawaii business for sale  

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Hawaii business for sale  Hawaii business for sale photo business sale

business for sale  business for sale

4 houses :  2 - two bedroom houses, a one bedroom house and a studio house on 2 acres in Hawaiian Paradise Park

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 hundreds of mature palms and ornamental plants in a 2 acre botanical garden setting.

One of the most popular Hawaii web sites dedicated to our vacation rentals deephawaii.com

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Deep Hawaii Vacation Rentals operating 3 years with 75-85% occupancy


Hawaii business for sale

 Our vacation rentals are located in Hawaiian Paradise Park 20 minutes south of Hilo.  The 2-acre property includes two 2-bedroom houses (about 12 years old) and a one-bedroom and studio house (3 years old) --with a total living space of approximately 2900 square feet. All the houses are legally permitted by the county of Hawaii. All the houses are fully furnished (including laundry facilities) and have phone service. Two are equipped with new solar water heaters.  The property is lushly landscaped with hundreds of mature palms and ornamental plants, and more than 70 mature organic fruit trees, along with scores of  banana plants plus papaya, pineapple. 

Our website deephawaii.com consistently gets top ratings on Google and other major Internet search engines. We receive about 4000 hits a month. We are top rated for keywords such as "Hawaii vacation rentals"  and rated #1 on Google for the keywords "Big Island vacation rentals".  We are also rated on the top of Google for the keywords "Hawaii lava photos, Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, Hawaii tours, Hawaii lava tours, hula photos, Hawaii photos, Hawaii history, Hawaii real estate agent and Big Island real estate agent".  We have over 450 Hawaii web sites linking to us.  The deep hawaii web site contains over 130 pages of Hawaii information. The web site is the heart of our high occupancy rate and makes this business a financial success. I intend to remain as administratorof this website after the sale to insure its high placement on the search engines. 

Real estate agents or qualified buyers should contact Sean Stehura 808-966-6916.  Sean Stehura, owner and operator of Deep Hawaii is a real estate agent licensed in Hawaii.  e-mail    me about this business opportunity. 

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