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Experience Hawaii! Up to two weeks between the Keauhou Beach Resort and Hawaii-Style Vacation Rentals

Keauhou Beach Resort - A wonderful Location with Beautiful Gardens
Looking across the ocean to the Keauhou Beach Resort
Keauhou Beach Resort and Hawaii-Style Vacation Rentals & Adventures, brings you an affordable and glorious ten or fourteen day vacation experience that you will never forget, and always appreciate!

You will gain new insights into the Hawaiian culture that has been a magnet to people from all over the world, making the Hawaiian Islands, with all their beauty of land and people, the most sought-after vacation destination for millions of adventurers.

Keauhou Beach Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii’s Kona Coast, is owned by the heirs of King Kamehameha who united all the Hawaiian Islands under one rule, and is located on ancient Hawaiian Royalty grounds.

In addition to being a beautiful oceanfront resort, the property has various historical sites: King David Kalakaua’s replicated cottage; two meticulously restored heiau (stone temples) that date back 600 years. These show the dedication of the Hawaiian people to their culture.

While you’re enjoying the Aloha and beauty of the resort, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of a Hawaiian Cultural Huaka’i Tour that will bring you face-to-face, spirit-to-spirit with the Hawaiian Culture and the aina (land) that was, and remains, so precious to Hawaiians.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn a bit of the language, make a lei, learn some cords on a ukulele, and learn first-hand why the Hula is the “heart” of the Hawaiian people.

Right next door is Kahalu’u Beach Park, site of ancient Hawaiian’s aquaculture, where you’ll snorkel with gentle, protected Hawaiian turtles and abundant tropical fish of all sizes in distinguished bright colors.

Just five minutes away, by taking the open-air trolley that Keauhou Resort provides for a small fee, you can play golf or go to Keauhou Bay where you can enjoy diving with Manta Rays, or you can choose to drive yourself 40 minutes to Kealakekua Bay and rent a kayak, paddle a mile across the bay and snorkel by Captain Cook monument. Or parasail in Kona, or explore ocean caves with a guided tour; or go whale watching in season. There are so many activities available to make your vacation here an experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

And to end a perfect day in Paradise, attend a Luau with great Hawaiian food, Hula, Polynesian dances, and especially the Samoan Fire Sword Dance! Tickets can be arranged, along with many other activities at the Concierge Desk.

Replica of King David Kalakaua's Cottage and Po'o Hawaii Pond
Two Restored Heiau - Photo courtesy of Carl Shannoff
Beautiful Ocean Views

After staying at Keauhou Beach Resort, you’ll transport yourself to the East Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. On the way you’ll view lava fields (and the Hawaiian version of grafitti using coral rocks to make letters), western-like plains, mountains, tropical rain forests: scenery that literally takes your breath away; scenery you’ll share with your friends and family in hundreds of photos.
You just won’t be able to stop snapping pictures of Hawaiian Beauty!

Secluded on a two acre tropical garden oasis, yet only 15 minutes to shopping and restaurants
Porch behind the Hawaii-Style Rental
Kitchen inside the Hawaii-Style Rental

On the east side, the Hawaii-Style private cottage Hale ‘Ohana awaits you within a two acre tropical garden oasis; secluded, yet only fifteen minutes to shopping and restaurants. It has a full kitchen, dining room, large den, large bedroom with king bed, laundry room with washer/dryer, and a nice lanai to relax on.

The “Aloha Basket” is for you to enjoy. You can make farm fresh eggs, Hawaiian pancakes and sausage, Hawaiian teas and guava juice, Kona Coffee, and have fresh fruits for your breakfasts.

You’ll be presented with detailed “Adventures” to easily and efficiently experience the wonders of our island home.

Travel the Red Road lined with tropical trees and foliage. See breathtaking ocean cliffs, a new black sand beach forming from a recent lava flow, soak in hot ponds, snorkel in tide pools, watch daring surfers, and ride through a jungle where the Ali’i trekked to see their subjects hundreds of years ago.

Experience the majesty of Waipio Valley. Mingle with locals at the Sunday Aloha Market. And, of course, our resident Volcano is here to awe you! And then, there’s Mauna kea with an observation level where you can view through telescopes the same night sky the Hawaiians used to navigate to this land.

Aloha aina.
Bob & Lourene Riley
Manager/owner Deep Hawaii Vacation Rentals

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 340-8088 or (808) 982-9890

Please Note: Hawaii time is 3 hours earlier than Pacific Time/5-6 hours earlier than E.S.T.

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