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Hilo Hawaii is my home town. It is the second largest city in the State of Hawaii. It is an authentic old Hawaiian town with very friendly people and a slowed down Hawaiian life style. We have an impressive farmers market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hilo has beautiful botanical garden parks and good snorkeling beaches. Hilo is lush, green and ablaze with flowering trees and plants. Hilo is also known for its great restaurants and quality gift stores. The trade winds keep Hilo's air pristine and clear of volcanic vog. Visit the new Northwest Hawaiian Island Museum in the Hata building in downtown Hilo (open in early 2003). Hilo is surrounded by 13,000 foot volcanoes. No time-share salesmen or tacky tourist shops. This is real Hawaii. Our vacation rental houses are located 20 minutes from downtown Hilo. 

downtown Hilo 2000

 old town Hilo

Hilo's waterfront



Hilo's many parks
Hilo Farmer's Market
Hilo Farmer's Market Hilo Farmer's Market






           Hilo Farmer's Market



           Outrigger races in Hilo Bay












                     Hilo Street Fair

           Rainbow Falls, Hilo Hawaii

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