The beautiful Red Road in Puna. Located south of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii approximately 20 minutes from our vacation rental houses. 

Red Road - Puna Hawaii

Black sand beach, state parks, snorkeling ponds, geothermal hot pool, no traffic. Its time to slow down and enjoy the real Hawaii. 


geothermal hot pool - Hawaii                 Black sand beach Hawaii


Come to our geothermal mineral hot pool for its healing 
 waters. Beautiful ocean views.
 Kahena Black Sand Beach. Swimming, dolphins, palm trees, hanging out.

Hawaii photo         Hawaii photo


 MacKenzie State Recretion Area. Lava tubes, hike ironwood  forests and wonderful ocean views.       Lava Tree State Park. Lush tropical rainforest  trail 

              Hawaii photo    snorkeling ponds - red road Hawaii


  Red Road: The most beautiful drive in Hawaii. No traffic.  Drive on Hawaii time (slow).                                      Kapoho Tide Pools. Snorkeling, coral gardens, fish, safe   swimming, beautiful surroundings.  Recently declared a Marine Preserve. This is a special place. 

    snorkeling ponds - red road Hawaii      snorkeling ponds - red road Hawaii
Kapoho Tide Pools - Marine Preserve

                                                  snorkeling ponds - red road Hawaii    

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