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Deep Hawaii Tours offers customized, private nature hiking tours. Deep Hawaii Tours lets you set the pace and agenda. Our trail hikes to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park gives you my ten years experience of exploring Hawaii's premier National Park.  Bargain prices on our tours / lodging packages. Deep Hawaii  owns 3 vacation rental houses near Volcanoes National Park.  

Package #1: one day customized, private volcano tour for 2 guests and 2 nights lodging at Deep Hawaii Vacation Rentals.   Our volcano hiking tours cover the special places in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You customize the hiking tour your way.  $250. 

Package #2  two customized private tours including our all day volcano hiking tour at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and our Rainforest/NeNe Santuary hiking tour. 3 nights lodging at Palm Garden Cottages. All hiking tours include lunch. $425  

Package #3  two customized private tours which includes a morning swim in a geothermal hot pool  and the lava flow night hiking tour at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 2 nights lodging at our Palm Garden Cottages. $350.

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