The Big Island's East Coast
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 The Hawaii East Coast Tropical Wilderness Area is my favorate hiking on the Big Island of Hawaii. Its a santuary of strange tropical Tolkin-like Banyan/Mango/Palm forests, secret white sand beaches, orchid forests, and nene santuary. The trail head is located five minutes from our vacation rental houses and its a 3 hour round trip hike to Ha'ena Beach.. Slow down and experience the wonder that is the real Hawaii. One of the few places you can experience a tropical wilderness. Leave the tourists behind, expand your horizons. The following photos are taken on this rainforest hike.




Banyan Forest

Ha'ena Beach-

Banyon Forest


Hiking The East Coast Wilderness


East Coast Wilderness hiking











              Orchid garden

Hae'na Beach-East Coast

Banyon Forest

Mauna Kea-East Coast Wilderness 


Banyon Forest-

Hawaii Hala Trees-East Coast Wilderness



honu -  green sea turtle



there be whales 

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