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  1. How do I locate your vacation rental cottages ?
  2. How can I contact green hawaii.com?                                 
  3. Where can I find the lowest fare on inter island flights ?
  4. What happens if it rains?
  5. Who leads the hikes?
  6. What should I wear ?                                        
  7. When is the best time to visit East Hawaii ?
  8. Can I have an exclusive tour for me and my family?    
  9. How hard are the hikes?
  10. Do I need to make reservations?
  11. How many people on a tour?
  12. What is your address and phone number?
  13. What about the digital photo of our hike?                                                             

How do you locate the vacation rental cottages ?

We are located 20 minutes south of the Hilo Airport in Hawaiian Paradise Park. Surf to our MAP page for instructions on how to find our cottages.  We are in rural Hawaii, 5 minutes from the ocean and it is a dramatic ocean setting. Hiking here is spectacular. The fruit orchard, palm garden (hundreds of different palms) and flowering plants make our cottages a perfect base to see Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hilo and the east Hawaii coast. 

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How can I contact deephawaii.com?

E-mail us with the dates you are planning to book a hike or rent a cottage. Please e-mail your phone number and I will make a personal contact to answer any questions that will help make your Hawaii vacation meet all your expectations.       phone:  808-966-6916      e-mail us

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Where can I find the lowest air fare on inter island flights ?

Go to any travel agency (cheap tickets) and buy inter island coupons. Should cost approximately $80 one way. 

Aloha or Hawaiian Airlines fly into Hilo or Kona.

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What happens if it rains ?

Rain is warm so it's usually refreshing. We provide rain gear. We usually go rain or shine unless it's a real downpour. Rain is why we have beautiful forests and millions of wild orchids.  We never go if the trails are hazardous.

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Who leads the hikes ?

Sean Stehura, the owner of deep hawaii .com,  guides you on all our hikes. I have traveled and adventured around the world from the Amazon in Peru to Nepal. I kayak, scuba dive, mountain bike and hike the Big Island. I know the Big Island and want to share my love for this beautiful tropical paradise with you. We will explore the plants, birds, hiatory, language and geological wonders during our hike.You will experience a part of Hawaii that is off the beaten track. You'll have all the information you need to have a wonderful adventure. My mission is to make our rental cottages and hikes seem like you are visiting and hiking with friends. I am also a computer network engineer and web designer.

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What should I wear ?

I wear shorts on all the hikes. You should have closed toe hiking shoes or tennis shoes. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park can and does get cold so you should have long pants and a warm sweatshirt or jacket to change into. Rain gear is a must for Volcanoes National Park. Of course I always recommend a hat to block the sun. I always use sunscreen. 

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When is the best time to see East Hawaii ?

The weather has been beautiful in East Hawaii for the past year. We are in a drought condition so many days are sunny with a few cooling showers. East Hawaii also get the trade winds to cool off the nights. Summer tends to be drier. The answer in one word: anytime.  In 2003 we had a drought from Nov 2002 ~ Aug 2003. El-Nino. 

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Can I have an exclusive tour for me and my family?

You can customize a tour for any adventure including kayaking, caving or snorkeling. Our tours are set up for only four hikers. We can arrange any tour over e-mail. Just let me know your interests and I'll offer suggestions. The price for a customized tour will be only slightly higher that the normal tours. Our 2 day special is set up for a private adventure for a couple or family.   

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How hard are the hikes?

 I am into a leisurely pace and stop often to spot birds, whales and the magnificent scenery. The experience of hiking in the Coastal Rainforest or Mauna Kea or the Park is so overwhelming who wants to rush through it. I'll go as fast or slow as you want. The tours can be hiking or non-hiking. 

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Do I need Reservations?

You must have reservations if you want to book a tour. Call us anytime and if we have space you can book the tour on one days notice.  I require a $75 per person deposit and is returnable if you cancel within 45 days of the tour. At this time I accept personal check only. The rental cottages require a 50% deposit and is also refundable if the reservation is cancelled within 45 days of booking.  My deposit return is posted on the rental web page

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How many people on a tour?

Maximum of four. I only do private tours for family and traveling partners.  Its much easier if you are staying at our cottages. Our cottages are new, clean and comfortable with full kitchens and baths. The ocean is five minutes away. 

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What is our address and phone number?

Sean Stehura, owner
HC2  Box 6841
Keaau, Hawaii   96749
e-mail us
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